i own a bravia kdl40ex403 and have downloaded two different versions of firmware for the TV

both arrive in a folder sony_dtv0FA00A00A0A0_00020100. dont know about 0fa00a00a0a0 but it may be a model number kind of thing. 00020100 seems to be the address at which the firmware should start in tv memory.

the old version,  PKG4.108EUL-0108 has binary file 00020100_01fc0000.bin – call it A
the new version, PKG4.110EUL-0108 has binary file 00020100_01fe0000.bin – call it B

assuming filenames corresponds to memory locations then 

A should be 33 292 032 bytes and B should be 33 160 960 bytes.
Actual file sizes are A = 37,850,688 and B = 37,847,744

Encrypted file is roughly but not exactly 1.14 x size of original file.



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